• Our experienced agents will assist you in managing your image and your collaborations with brands and restaurants.

          Do you want to associate your image with that of a Chef to make your brand shine? Our agents and experts will help you find the right strategy and the right Chef profile.

          Create unique collaborations with renowned chefs to add flair to your menu and personality to your restaurant.

    • Our integrated culinary agency will accompany you in the conception and realization of your most ambitious culinary projects.

      It took one trip to bring together the worlds of rugby and gastronomy.

      They now occupy an important place in the French media landscape; adored and courted, discover our Chef(s).

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The Chefs

As Chefs' Agents, we work closely with dozens of nationally and globally renowned Chefs. Make your brand and your marketing operations shine by partnering with one of our Chefs!


The profiles of the Chefs we work with are varied and allow us to create tailor-made collaborations, according to your image, your budget and your ambitions!

Top Chef candidates, starred chefs, cooks, pastry chefs, caterers, etc.

Discover a foretaste of the Chefs with whom we collaborate on a daily basis...

By choosing our agency as your single point of contact, you are entrusting your project to experts in the culinary and marketing sectors who will be able to support you at every stage of your project.

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